Most hotel guests
don't stay in their room for entertainment

Be their night on the town


Of hotel guests will visit a bar or nightclub during their stay


Per vacatation is spent on average on food/alcohol in the U.S.

Be exclusively serving hotel guests by being the obvious choice for where to spend

Most hotels don't have a bar, and trends show guests are moving farther away from using in-room amenities. Being the featured bar, pub, or nightclub on the hotel room keys is a highly coveted way to engage with a customerbase that is forever renewable.

Hotel Key Cards
bar advertisement

When you're seen first, you are automatically their first choice

With one third of the travel population looking for places to drink and be entertained, being right where they have to look when they get ready to enter their room is an easy way to capture their attention - and if you include a special offer you are bound to capture their attention.

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