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How To Pick Your Business's Color Scheme

Posted on Nov 9th 2017

With new businesses popping up every other day, the market is becoming increasingly saturated and competitive. This is why every brand needs a unique factor through which buyers and potential customers can remember them. Colors are the simplest way to do this since its psychological effect is what pivots their decision to buy. Long before any societies, humans used color as a means to know what nature is telling them. This trait is present in everyone, which is why it plays such a big role in influencing decisions. There are many dimensions that have to be explored to make a decision regarding the colors for your business.

Don’t Pick Too Many

Pick Similar Tones

Use One ‘Stand-Out’ Color

Remember What You Do

Using Multiple Colors

The colors that are used by a brand for its image will play a significant role in how people interpret and make assumptions about the brand itself. Colors also impact the logo or symbol, which will be used as a statement for consumers to remember the brand’s name by. These factors make it essential that businesses put in enough time to come up with an influencing color scheme that will leave an impression on buyers.

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