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Real numbers about hotel guests

Posted on Oct 12th 2017

Advertising in front of your local community works, but you can only show them the same ad so many times and have it turn into folks buying what you're selling.  There is an entirely separate flood of potential customers, ready to buy what you are offering, and they are staying in hotels, motels, hostels and bed & breakfasts, for 2 nights at a time, only to be replaced by another wave of potential customers staying in the same room for the next two nights...and it repeats, 365 days a year.

These are brand new sets of eyes that are spending their money, with a disposable income.  Here's what the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) found out...

Guests who will dine out at local restaurants

Guests who will have food delivered

Guests who will engage in paid recreational activities

Guests who will visit a spa or beauty salon during their stay

Guests who will spend $75 or more on shopping a day

Guests who will need automotive repairs during stay

Guests who will visit night clubs or bars while in town

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