Half of Hotel Guests
spend money on entertainment

Make Them Choose You


Of hotel guests will engage in paid recreational activities

$644.9 bil.

Is specifically spent on leisure travel

Make the first impression

Hotel guests have disposable income. So, before they make up their minds where to spend it, make sure that your recreational business is the first one they see. Advertising on hotel room keycards and sleeves is a proven way to do this.

Hotel Key Cards
hotel key ads

Market directly to travelers/tourists who are looking to spend

If you run a business that caters to people from out of town, this should be your first source of prospective clients. Hotel guests are active spenders in your community, and this is the first thing they see, and continue to see over and over again since they have no choice but to carry your advertisement around with them everywhere they go.

Key Card Sleeves
capture those travelers