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Roxy Device

Welcome to the future of hotel guest advertising...

Roxy Device is a brand new full-service digital concierge technology. Guests use this order ammenities and other hotel services. More importantly, they're allowing local businesses to be featured!

  • Digital concierge service that will direct guests right to you
  • Be right where they're looking
  • Full screen digital adspace available

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Cutting edge hotel guest advertising

Let's say you're a guest staying in a hotel room and you want to order food delivery? You would simply say "Okay Roxy, where's a good place to order a pizza?" - The Roxy Device then quickly pulls up a local pizza restaurant - one that was sponsored with us. This is truly being in the right place, at the right time.

Be one of the first to be featured

This is a ground floor opportunity for your business. The Roxy Device is a brand new technology and if you have been lucky enough to be considered for sponsorship, you are getting in before anyone else has a chance. Since hotel guests are actively seeking your service using the Roxy Device, you are one of the lucky few to be exactly where they are looking.

Full Color, & Targeted Advertising Space

Whether you want to be the go-to place to eat in the area via the Roxy Device, or you want to show off a full screen digital ad, we can help with both. Roxy Device adspace is a versatile sure-fire way to reach thousands of customers, no print time necessary. Your message can be uploaded same day upon approval in most cases.

More details on the Roxy Device at

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