1/4 of Hotel Guests
are looking to be pampered

Make The First Impression


Of hotel guests will visit a day spa


Of spas are not affiliated with hotels but hotel guests are seeking spa therapy

Be the wellness amenity hotel guests are missing

Hotel guests have disposable income. So, before they make up their minds where to spend it, make sure that your spa/salon is the first one they see. Advertising on hotel room keycards and sleeves is a proven way to do this.

Your spa/massage center placed on room keys means one thing: your spa becomes the 4 star experience they wish they had!

Hotel Key Cards
capture those travelers

Travelers/Tourists need your services

Whether hotel guests are visiting for business or leisure, one thing for certain is that they need your services. Some are feeling stressed, some are seeking pleasure, some are preparing for weddings, and some are just bored. Whatever reasons they have, be the spa/massage service that catches their attention first.

Key Card Sleeves
capture those travelers