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Terms & Conditions

Monthly Recurring Orders: The term of this agreement is month-to-month until cancelled by the Customer, unless otherwise stated on the Customer’s invoice. Delivery of Customer-sponsored hotel keycards is estimated to occur within approximately 30-60 days after Customer’s approval of artwork, and monthly thereafter. Customer may cancel their recurring month-to-month subscription at any time by providing CTT with 30 days prior written notice. CTT shall be authorized to bill and charge Customer on a recurring monthly basis prior to monthly production of Customer-sponsored hotel keycards, unless 30 days prior written notice of cancellation is provided by Customer. Due to high placement and production costs, an initial placement fee of $399 shall be billed and charged on single month orders or on a month-to-month subscription that is cancelled prior to second-month billing. This $399 initial placement fee shall be non-refundable. The quantity of keycards supplied will vary per hotel depending on the hotel’s number of rooms, occupancy rates, and keycard distribution to guests. CTT will provide each Customer/Advertiser an estimated minimum of 25,000 Guest Impressions* per month while subscription is active. *Guest Impressions are defined as views or ad views. For example, one Guest Impression refers to the point in which an ad is viewed once by a hotel guest.

Quarterly Orders: Quarterly orders are defined as ads that are purchased in three (3) month intervals, with one iteration of Customer’s keycard advertisement per month during this 3 month term. Delivery of Customer-sponsored hotel keycards is estimated to occur within approximately 60-120 days after Customer’s approval of artwork. Quarterly orders are not subject to cancellation fees. After all quarterly deliveries have been shipped, Customer’s account becomes a standard monthly recurring order unless CTT receives written cancellation 30 days prior to scheduled shipment of the next month’s (month four) key cards.

Fixed-Term Orders: For fixed term orders including one month trials, the term of this agreement shall be as stated on the invoice. CTT estimates delivery of service to be within approximately 90-120 days upon approval of artwork, or if circumstances otherwise require, within a period of time that is commercially reasonable. In the event of cancellation, any and all setup fees still apply, to be billed at a rate of $175.00, whether or not Advertiser submitted their own ad design, and are not subject to refunds. This agreement cannot be canceled after order has been submitted to production, which begins upon submission of artwork (if Advertiser submits their own), or completion of Advertiser’s first artwork draft.

Reservation Holds: Advertiser may place a reservation hold for a specified starting time of sponsored key cards with no less than 50% deposit, with balance due 30 days prior to start of the first scheduled month. If Advertiser chooses to cancel entirely, a non-refundable $399 cancellation fee will be billed and charged so that CTT may acquire a replacement sponsor.

Production: Advertiser understands that (i) CTT supplies its hotel and hospitality clients with keycards in accordance with a production schedule (the “Scheduled Print Runs”), (ii) Advertiser is purchasing the advertisement space on an allocated share of the aggregate keycards to be printed on one or more Scheduled Print Runs (the “Purchased Spot”), whereby Advertiser has the right to place an advertisement the available space on one side of the keycards allocated to their Purchased Spot, subject to the brand compliance standards of the assigned hotel, (iii) Advertiser is responsible for ensuring delivery to CTT, within ten (10) days of the invoice date above, their ready art or art assets pertaining to the advertisement space available on the Purchased Spot on the Scheduled Print Run, (iv) CTT shall not be liable for any failure by the Advertiser to timely provide ready art or art assets pursuant to the timeframe set forth herein that results in Advertiser missing production deadlines for the Scheduled Print Run, and (v) CTT may, at its sole discretion, create an advertisement on Advertisers’ behalf for placement on the Purchase Spot in the event that Advertiser fails to timely provide CTT with ready art or art assets within the ten (10) day timeframe set forth herein. For non-recurring orders, Advertiser is allowed no more than three (3) total artwork revisions; additional revisions are subject to $25 art fees each. Artwork changes that are requested to recurring orders will be billed at $99 each after first month. All artwork designed by CTT shall remain the property of CTT unless purchased by advertiser ($175). Advertiser understands that any artwork and/or ad placement may need adjustments based on current hotel brand standards at time of shipping.

Miscellaneous: Exclusivity and any mention herein, is only available on a per version basis and cannot include Advertiser’s industry type. In the event of a force majeure, CTT may at its sole discretion, move Advertiser to an alternative venue of greater or equal value. If any unpaid balance is not received by CTT within thirty (30) days, Advertiser authorizes CTT to charge any previously given payment method for remaining balance unless otherwise stated herein. Advertiser acknowledges that any unpaid balance owed to CTT, or delays in the ad creation and/or approval process, can result in further delays for printing and/or delivery to host hotel.

Cancellations and Refunds: All refund requests must be submitted electronically to CTT reserves the right to process all refunds by physical check to be mailed out no later than the following Friday from when refund is approved. Refund and cancellation requests must be within the aforementioned guidelines above. If Advertiser initiates a credit card dispute, CTT may issue a $50.00 processing fee for each individual chargeback, as well as additional fees directly associated (time and resources used during this process).

Disclaimer: CTT’s total maximum liability under this contract cannot exceed the Total Purchase price. The parties hereto irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Clark County, Washington in connection with all matters relating herein and waive any objection to the laying of venue in, and any claim of inconvenient forum with respect to, these courts.

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